Meander scars near Swiftown, Mississippi, on the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain. These are over 40 miles east of the Mississippi River itself.

December, 2019 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Oxbow lakes, scroll bars, and levees along the Mississippi River on the border of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Comparison of Plate 7 from Harold Fisk's 1944 report "The Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River" with a modern-day lidar derived image of the same area.

Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana. This growing delta on the Gulf of Mexico is the result of a man-made channel that
drains part of the Atchafalaya River, a distributary of the Mississippi River.

New Orleans, Louisiana. This image highlights the fact that the Mississippi River is at a higher elevation than many parts of the surrounding city.. The levees glow bright white along the river. Dark colors=lower elevations, light colors=higher elevations.

Flooded fields and meander scars near Moorhead, Mississippi.

The community of Hollandale, Mississippi along Deer Creek on the Mississippi River Delta.

A landscape shaped by water in Chicot County, Arkansas, just to the west of the Mississippi River—Bayou Macon is on the left and US Highway 65 cuts across the image diagonally.

Meander scars along the Saint Francis River in Arkansas.

The Mississippi River from Baton Rouge, LA to St James, LA displaying about ten meters of elevation range.

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